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Sharepoint 2010 upgrade

  Asked By: Sekhar    Date: Mar 25    Category: Sharepoint 2010    Views: 2448

who have been feeding me information about the upgrade
process. I have run the Test-SPContentDatabase command and come across
an error that I am not sure how to research. The error reads: 1 site in
database has references to a missing site definition, ID = {12090}. The
site definition is referenced but not installed.

Any help as to finding what this site definition is, is greatly



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Answer #1    Answered By: Richard Davis     Answered On: Mar 25

Missing or deprecated server-side files or customizations
One common error during upgrade is missing server-side files - either files that
were installed with Office SharePoint Server 2007 or customized files. When you
prepared for upgrade, you should have created an inventory of the server-side
customizations (such as site definitions, templates, features, Web Parts,
assemblies) that your sites required. (The pre-upgrade checker can help identify
these items.) Check this inventory to make sure that all the files that are
needed for your customizations are installed in your upgrade environment.
If you are performing a database attach upgrade, you can use the
test-spcontentdatabaseWindows PowerShell cmdlet before you upgrade the database
to identify any missing files. You can also use the enumallwebs operation in
Stsadm.exe to identify server-side customizations that are being used.
In the upgrade log files, you may see errors such as the following:

* ERROR Found Reference Count web(s) using missing web template Site Template
Identifier (lcid: Site Template Language Code) in ContentDatabase Content
Database Name.
* ERROR Found a missing feature Id = [Feature Identifier]
* ERROR File [Relative File Path] is referenced [Reference Count] times in
the database, but is not installed on the current farm.
* WARNING WebPart class [Web Part Identifier] is referenced [Reference Count]
times in the database, but is not installed on the current farm.
* WARNING Assembly [Assembly Path] is referenced in the database, but is not
installed on the current farm.
* WARNING Feature could not be upgraded. Exception: Feature definition id
'Feature Identifier' could not be found.
If you can obtain a missing server-side file or dependency, install it and then
run upgrade again for the affected sites. If the file or dependency (such as a
Web Part) has been deprecated, you have to investigate whether you want to
rebuild the site, page, or Web Part to use a different template, feature, or Web
Part. If you can redo the customization by using dependencies that have not been
deprecated, you can run upgrade again for the affected sites. If you cannot
remove the dependency, you cannot upgrade the site.
After you install the missing file or dependency, use the test-SPContentDatabase
Windows PowerShell cmdlet on a test server to determine whether any other files
for that database are missing. If you only run the pre-upgrade checker or run
upgrade again, the error might not appear in the log files, even though it might
still be occurring.

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