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SharePoint 2010 under F5 load balancer - configuration in subdirectory

  Asked By: Lucio    Date: May 24    Category: MOSS    Views: 14057

We are trying to configurate a SharePoint 2010 environment under a F5 load balancer.

We have a domain (i.e. www.domain.com) shared between multiple applications on different servers, reached by load balancer rules:

www.domain.com/* redirects on servers A and B

www.domain.com/subsiteA redirects on servers C and D

www.domain.com/subsiteB redirects on servers E and F

And so on...

So, we are trying to configurate an application under the context root /subsiteB on server E and F.

Under SharePoint 2010, we created a site collection under the subdirectory /subsiteB and also successfully changed the reference to "Style Library" under this subdirectory.

But, unfortunately, there are other references (/_layouts, /ScriptResource.axd, /WebResource.axd, ...) we can't change under the subdirectory /subsiteB.

So, all those refereces can't be reached: the load balancer rules redirects them on server A and B, instead of server E and F.

Is there a way to change, under SharePoint 2010, those absolute reference (/_layouts, /ScriptResource.axd, /WebResource.axd, ...under the subdirectory /subsiteB (/subsiteB/_layouts, /subsiteB/ScriptResource.axd, /subsiteB/WebResource.axd, ...?

Or should we try another way, like using a reverse proxy in front of sharepoint 2010 which does this URL remapping?

Thanks in advance.



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