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SharePoint 2010 Data Population Tool

  Asked By: Shauna    Date: Nov 02    Category: Sharepoint 2010    Views: 3596

I need something that will generate a lot of data and add it to a SharePoint
2010 Farm. Something similar to the WSSD tool at Codeplex.

I found one PowerShell Script that seemed like it would work at
wiki.threewill.com, but it seems to be down. Does anyone have any ideas.

(My google-fu is relatively weak this morning. Allergy medicine has my head all



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Answer #1    Answered By: Christopher Ivey     Answered On: Sep 24

I found your question while I was doing research for a write-up about a new tool created by Koneka Inc. to do exactly what you wanted. It looks like you may have posted this a long time ago, so I don't know if you're still looking.

Koneka has created a SharePoint 2010 test data population tool that runs as a SharePoint job, and allows you to schedule the generation of documents and data to populate your SharePoint development - either as a tool for stress-testing, or for backup and recovery or capacity planning. While typical test populations are in the 200 GB range, the tool can be employed to scale populations exceeding a terabyte.

The neatest feature of their tool is the fact that it allows you to control metadata generation based on your own custom taxonomy - which is really useful for testing FAST search implementations.

The product page hasn't been created as of my writing this, but you should be able to contact the folks at Koneka if you're interested. (koneka.com)

Answer #2    Answered By: Nick Johnson     Answered On: Oct 06

Which kind of data you want to generate???????
Data of any specific are or just random???????

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