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Sharepoint 2007 HelpDesk Template

  Asked By: Dakota    Date: Aug 24    Category: MOSS    Views: 1934

I am working with the SharePoint Helpdesk Template on a MOSS 2K7
Enterprise server, and SharePoint Designer 2K7 (oh… we have Lotus Notes email
server). I am sure what I need to do can be done, but I have over-exerted
myself to the point I need to reach beyond GOOGLE and the several sites I have
been to and read the many articles I have.

As mentioned, I am working on the (Fab 40) Helpdesk Template. I have it set up
to a point my users here are (hopefully) not going to ask too many silly
questions. On the page for them to fill out, is:

Request Type (drop down with approx 8 choices)
General Question / Issue
Software Install
Add / Remove / Change NT User account
A/R/C Email account
Brief Description of Request (one liner text field)
Details of Request (multi-liner of detailed request)
Managers Approval (selection of People and Groups)

My question to the team is… When the user selects A/R/C (add/remove/change) NT
User Account, I would like the HR Team to get an email to approve the request.
If the request is Approved, send it on to the IT group for completion. If HR
rejects it, IT never sees it, and user gets an email stating it was rejected by
HR. Has anyone done this, or similar?

I have gone to several sites and read about workflows, and have even created a
few of them myself (in SD and the SP site). For whatever reason, I am not able
to get any of them perfected. I had to laugh at myself one time; I somehow put
things into a LOOP, and sent myself 80+ emails in about 20 seconds…. Ha-ha, I
promptly stopped that workflow... Has anyone worked with a similar situation
and gotten it to work?

Is MS Exchange a must for this to work?

I will stop for now, and let this digest.

I hope to hear how others have set up the helpdesk, and maybe we can share



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Cecil Mckenzie     Answered On: Aug 24

Workflow is definitely the way to go, and no, Exchange is not required.

Answer #2    Answered By: Jaclyn Gordon     Answered On: Aug 24

I know what I want the work flow to do. But I am not able to perfect it to be
functional. Any ideas?

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