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SharePoint 2007 (BDC for CRM 4) Why does the "Check Names" button not return results yet....

  Asked By: Brandon    Date: Jul 17    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1291

I have created a BDC for CRM 4.

In SharePoint I add an Account field to a list and when I use the "Check Names" button, I always get "No exact match was found"!

If I use the Browse button I can retrieve the data (although I can't leave the field as null and return all records and I can't seem to use a wildcard - not sure if I should expect records to be returned by clicking the search button with no search string??).

What drives the "Check Names" data? Enterprise Search is in the process of being configured so that might be the driver and explain this behaviour.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Manan Kadu     Answered On: Jul 17

The "Check Names" button  is linked to the dbo.[FilteredAccount]SpecificFinder this means it wil recognize the entity by the accountid, copy one from your database and you will see the inputbox will show the correct name with it when you click "Check Names". Easy thing to do is just changing the accoundid to name in the SpecificFinder, but something tells me the name is not so "unique" as the id........