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Sharepoint 2003 Webparts

  Asked By: Abhishek    Date: Apr 28    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1949

I'm new to Sharepoint 2003 and have started fooling around with the
built-in WebParts. I'd like to get some feedback on the "You Can't Live
Without, Webparts". What would be some good webparts to add to a stock
Sharepoint 2003/SBS2003 Server and where to find them.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Divyesh Hurkadli     Answered On: Apr 28

I have the same setup essentially on a dell box and got a few neat webparts
including a free calendar one from coras works, an rss reader from smiling
goat and a chat room that I got from code project done in C# that Bryan
pointed me to. Why Microsoft didn't do a chatroom OOTB is beyond me but they
didn't and the message boards aka "Discussion" webparts  are useless because
by the time you're ready to post what you have to say it is usually either
irrelevant or old news already unless you are distributing global statements
to very large populations. Seems obvious for staff support and conferencing
or just screwing off with ted in accounting or whatever but I guess they are
saving that for a new office component communications server or whatever.

Now if I could find a daily planner webpart that sent me alerts to
appointments no matter where I was etc.. I'd be set. I'd love to use
outlook, but I have it on a half dozen different machines I use all week and
I don't really like web-outlook very much because it is limited in
comparison. The calendar will link to outlook but doesn't do planning very
well or behave like a full blown application, it's more of an at-a-glance
type thing at best.

My last thing for a sharepoint  wish list would be for the new Microsoft
small business accounting software to have complete connectivity to
sharepoint so reports and critical data can be delivered seamlessly to the
people who need it and can also be alert sensitive via conditional
formatting. Example, store_A just hit 2k in sales today at 2:14 pm and an
alert to the owner is triggered automatically. Infopath is a neat little
program and will do all of these things but it is not an ootb complete end
to end small business solution like Quickbooks and if it can't sell a cup of
lemon-aide to begin with it's essentially useless too no matter how cute. I
heard the new office accounting suite will be built on msde sql desktop and
if it won't talk seamlessly to SQL 2000 then I'm still kind of screwed
anyway. Why can't anything just work and be simple.

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