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Shared Service Provider

  Asked By: Abhilasha    Date: Feb 14    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1276

I have an application that will not fully
associate with any SSP. I currently have 2 SSPs created and can
switch the apps association back and forth from one to the other,
but the app never actually associates with either SSP. I know this
based on a few clues but I will only cover a couple.

1. When looking at the View Scopes page under Search Settings in the
SSP, I dont see any of the collections from my web app in the list
of collecitons that can use the scopes. Therefore my web app cannot
utilize any of the indexed data from the SSP. (Actually the app is
unable to use several of the services provided by the SSP, search
just being one of them)

2. I get the glorious Unknown Error and Web Part Error when trying
to use any search parts or pages with my web app.

So the thought might be that the problem lies with the SSP. This is
not the case because if I create a new application, it will
associate with the SSP and all functions operate as normal. ALso the
SSP can crawl and index the content in the problematic web

I cannot afford to dump the web app and start over due to the nature
of the site and the data already collected.

So my question is this...

Is there a way to force a web app to disassociate itself with any
and all SSPs without deleting the SSP itself?

This would probrably be a command line stsadm thing but I have been
unsuccessful in finding the proper command.



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