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Several questions about Sharepoint Services

  Asked By: Tyrel    Date: Jan 11    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 790

I've built a stand-alone server which is not a member of the domain to
create a sharepoint services server for my team. We don't have access
to the DNS servers for the organisation, and are finding it difficult
to get approval for giving this server a formal "name"... but it will

In the mean time, I'm unsure what the name of the server will be, but
need to get moving on setting the site up. I've got a few questions,
and I wonder whether anyone can help me with them.

1) If I rename the server from fred to fred.bloggs.com, will the site
keep on running? How about if it gets renamed from fred to
george.bloggs.com, will that work?

2) In the mean time, I'm working on the site using an IP address. I've
seen a post to the list which implies the server NEEDS to have a DNS
or Netbios name to resolve against, but every time it tries to resolve
the Netbios name, google starts looking for the servername instead -
can I not change the configuration (somewhere) to use the IP address,
rather than relying on this lookup which fails?

3) Where can I find the users table? I want to give my users
"meaningful names" - that is, their real names, rather than the
usernames they have on the server. I'm guessing it's an SQL table
somewhere... but I've checked MS-SQL server, and I can't find any
tables which look relevant.

It's my first shot at doing a Sharepoint Server - I normally work on
MySQL and PHP to build sites, so I'm slightly out of my depth, but I'm
enjoying the challenge so far.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Bobbie Rodgers     Answered On: Jan 11

1. names  are a part of DNS realm... meaning your DNS AHOST record points to
an IP address  that is your server. You may have to change  Host Header value
in IIS when you change names.

2. You would be crazy to use NetBIOS, as you need to juggle HOSTS files on
all pcs that will be trying to get to your server. NetBIOS should never be
used these days.

3. You can find  user tables, but are not supposed to touch SharePoint tables
in SQL directly, per Microsoft. Change User names on the server  to something
meaningful, or what you should be doing in the first place is having server
connected to Domain, for many, many reasons (user profiles from AD is one).
To calm your worries, SharePoint does not do any harm to domain, AD (does
not extend schema), or anything, so you are not going to take your network

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