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Setting target web application is failing in gradual upgrade

  Asked By: Brandon    Date: Nov 05    Category: MOSS    Views: 1311

I am trying to perform a gradual upgrade from SPS 2003 to MOSS
2007. Each attempt has failed when setting the target web app after
running the installation and the configuration wizard. As I
understand it, the operation is supposed to...

1. Move the old Sharepoint site to a new port.
2. Create a new web application for the new Sharepoint site on port 80
3. Create a new application pool that runs under the Sharepoint
Administrator account.
4. Create an SSP with associated database to hold migrated user
profile data (MyLinks, Alerts), and to host MySites.
5. Automatically create and name new content databases.
6. Restart IIS

After the operation completes I should be able to begin the site
content upgrades in the Operations section of Central Admin. After
clicking Begin Upgrade I should see a list of SPS 2003 sites
selectable for upgrading.

However, at step 4 above I get the very helpful error message "Cannot
complete this action. Please try again." Needless to say trying again
always has the same result. No new SSP, no new databases, no user
profile data migrated from 2003.

There are two errors in the Application event log:

1. Could not determine if application pool SP07APP01 uses an
incompatible version of ASP.

2. Unknown SQL excepton 574. Additional error information from SQL
Server is included below.

The DELETE statement conflicted with the REFERENCE constraint
"FK_Dependencies1_Objects". The conflict occurred in database
"SharePoint_Config", table "dbo.Dependencies", column 'ObjectId'. The
statement has been terminated.

All of this is carried out logged in as the Sharepoint Administrator
account. I know this account can create databases because the
Sharepoint_Config database was created and the Central Admin app

So, I am assuming everything is falling apart at the point of creating
the SSP. What is preventing this? It looks like it must somehow be
related to ASP, or maybe the fact that there is no constraint with
that name on the Dependencies table (I couldn't find one anyway).
Please help! Microsoft Support has been totally worthless so far, so I
am asking the real experts here! Somebody must have seen this before.

I should also point out that I have actually seen this work properly
during one attempt. I thought I knew what I had done to cause it to
succeed but apparently that's not the case, and I don't want to
attempt this on the production server until I have been able to
reliably perform the upgrade more than once in test. I have run
through the process several times in a test environment using virtual
machines (VMWare). We have a small farm (WFE and SQL 2005 on separate
machines) running on Server 2003 Standard with the latest service packs.



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