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set metadata as workflow variable and inject into url

  Asked By: Rachelle    Date: Jun 29    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1830

I have an issue where I would like to copy a file from one document library to
another, depending on an item of metadata for the file. Here's the scenario

We have two vendors, vendor1 and vendor2. Documents for both vendors will get
loaded into a project document library. We don't want vendor1 to see vendor2's
information and vice versa, so we have set up sub sites for vendor1 and vendor2.
I can create a workflow that checks to see if the "vendor" metadata column
equals "vendor1" to copy the document to that vendor's site. This will work
okay, until we have 300 vendors. And I would have to add this workflow to each
project also. What I would like, is a way to pull the value of the "vendor"
metadata column and then copy the item to the appropriate document library by
injecting this value into the url for the document library. So that vendor1
information would get sent to http://oursite/vendor1/document library and so on.
I know there are some pitfalls with this, but a minor hiccup can be easily
managed compared to a worfklow that checks a column to see if it is equal to a
certain value 37 times.
There's also the fact that if any of this information were to change I would
have to rebuild and copy the workflow to each project. Does anyone have any



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Answer #1    Answered By: Aditiya Kapale     Answered On: Jun 29

I had asked this once before and got no answers. Maybe someone else has an

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