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Server Latency Tool

  Asked By: Pamela    Date: Sep 06    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1051

Has anyone used the tool "server_latency" from the SP
resource kit?

I have used it but not sure what the "normal" time or
speed should be? How do you know if your server is having
resource problems. As of right now, I get an average of
412 millseconds when running the test. Whats the norm?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Khushi Srivastava     Answered On: Sep 06

I did some testing with this tool  today. Here are my results. I have two
servers, and the response times according to the ping tool basically did not

HOWEVER -- There is a *SIGNIFICANT* performance difference when browsing the
portal and accessing the webdav. Just browsing around, things "seem" twice
as fast on server  2. Initial page load (going to http://server/wksp) on
Server 1 hovers around 5 seconds whereas Server 2 is around 2.5 seconds.
Subsequent page loads or searches are similarly twice as fast on Server 2.

My users should be extremely happy once I switch these out.

Server 1: -----------------------
Dell 6300 4x450Mhz CPU
Win2k Server w/2GB RAM w/SP2
RAID1 for OS/swap, single disk for logs, RAID5 for databases
(3 separate spindles on 1 controller)
No Black Ice agent (software firewall)
400Mbps etherchannel network connection (4 NIC's)
Response times:
initial load: 225
subsequent loads: 202, 204, 200, 204, 201, 200, 204, 201

(I'm denoting each attribute below with a "+" if I think it should improve
performance over Server 1 and a "-" if I think it should reduce performance
compared with Server 1)

Server 2: -----------------------
+ Dell 6450 4x700Mhz CPU
+ Win2k Adv. Server w/5GB* RAM w/SP3
+ /3GB switch in boot.ini
- RAID1 for OS/swap, RAID1 for databases and logs
(two separate spindles on 2 separate controllers)
- Black ICE agent (software firewall)
- 100Mbps network connection
+ MaxSessions -> 90 (up from default of 40)
+ LogBuffers -> 9000 (up from default of 84)
+ CacheSizeMax -> 419430 (about 1.6GB)
+ CacheSizeMin -> 262144 (about 1GB)
Response times:
initial load: 220
subsequent loads: 198, 199, 201, 204, 202, 197, 200

Other seemingly important points to note:

- Server 2 is a msdmback restore of Server 1, about 5GB
- I also ran the ping test  while copying a 4GB file off of each
server and latency did not change according to the tool.
- Both of these are SP1. I'm about to test SP2 on Server 2
- I'm replacing Server 1 with Server 2 this weekend.
- Server 2 will have 400Mbps etherchannel
- I'm very interested in any other performance improvements
that I can apply.

* I know that Win2k can only address 4GB RAM. I learned this after I had
already put 5GB in the server. So I'll probably take the extra 1GB out.

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