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Server Error

  Asked By: Nirmal    Date: Nov 29    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 947

We are having problems with document management on one of our Sharepoint
servers. When I try to check-out, check-in, delete or add a document using
the document lbrary dashboard I get permissions errors even though I do have
the correct permissions. While adding a document I get permissions errors,
however, the document does actually add even though I cannot check-in or
publish it.

When I use the web folder and try the above operations the following error
appears in the window which should display the "Edit Profile" form.
"The tahoe server encountered the following error loading the document
profile : CreateObject(PKMPI.SubUtils) Error Number : 8007045A".

I have to use task manager to close down the web folder as it stops
responding as soon as the error appears.

This problem affects all the workspaces on the server.

Some new software was installed on the sharepoint server recently which I'm
told is Java based and uses a FoxPro database. Could this installation
possibly have affected the sharepoint installation?

Any help or suggestions would be very much appreciated.



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Jarret Riddle     Answered On: Nov 29

I get this every couple/few weeks. I have to stop & restart all the
services. I've been using SharePoint since May and it's happened probably
10 times so far. It always coincides with the backups failing -- I have a
backup script that keeps 5 copies of backup files and when I realize the
problem is back, I see last night's backup didn't finish.

I got the following script from a fellow newsgroup member:

@Echo off
Echo This program stops and restarts the IISadmin Service
net stop w3svc
REM w3svc is the WorldWide Web Publishing Service
Net stop smtpsvc
REM smtpsvc is the Simple Mail Transport service
net stop msdmserv
REM msdmserv is the SharePoint Portal Service
net stop msexchangeIS
REM msexchangeIS is the Exchange Information Store
net start msexchangeIS
net start msdmserv
net start smtpsvc
net start w3svc

About 1/2 the time, the IISAdmin service won't stop and I have to reboot. I
will be implementing a scheduled task  to run the above script nightly @ ~2am
next time it happens. Last time was 10/13 for me.

Unfortunately, even with a large number  of occurrences, I still don't know
what causes it.

Answer #2    Answered By: Viren Rajput     Answered On: Nov 29

I have tried a service stop/restart but this did not help  I'm afraid. Any
other ideas?

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