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Seeing Subfolders in Document Library views when using Filters

  Asked By: Heath    Date: Jul 28    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 7095

I created a Document Library that contains both nested folders and
custom properties/metadata/columns. I wanted to create a view that
filtered against a property but also displayed the subfolders that
the files were nested in. When I removed the filter from the view,
the subfolders were visible. When I readded the filter, I didnt see
the folders or files unless I changed the view property to "Show
without folders." Is this issue by design??

My user would like to keep the use of nested folders but also filter
the documents within them -- Any ideas on how to do this, besides
eliminating the use of folders and using only metadata.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Jaime Sims     Answered On: Jul 28

I recommend getting rid of the folders. You can use grouping in a view  to simulate the folder hierarchy based on metadata. This is much more powerful and you can search on the metadata  but not on the folders. Although there is normally some initial resistance to giving up the concept of folders, once users get accustomed to using metadata and grouping they like it much better.