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Searching across AAM zones in SharePoint

  Asked By: Heriberto    Date: Oct 27    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 2003

With a SharePoint server running in a DMZ, we discovered problems
with site navigation and search affected by the Zones applied to
different zones 'Default' and 'Intranet'. If the URLs are set to the
same AAM zone, all site navigation works properly, but search at
the 'This Site' scope does not return results. When the URLs use
different AAM zones the navigation of the site switches back and
forth between the two URLs. (We tried using the "Intranet" and
the "Custom" zones. When you have both URLs using the default zone
the navigation remains on the ISA URL and never switches to the

With both URLs on the default zone the crawler doesn't work (Error
= "System cannot find the path specified" and the access on the
internal network doesn't work either (Error="Page cannot be
displayed"). However, if you add "default.aspx" to the end of the
server:port URL the page is displayed.

I need some ideas on how we can get around this search issue having
the two URLs on the same port OR how to manage the navigation to stay
on the default zone when multiple zones are used.

One question I have: Is there any way we can have some sort of
passthrough in ISA for calls made by a specific IP address? My
thought is that if we can tell ISA to allow calls made by
(rbg-wapp01) without authentication in ISA, we can use the external
URLs in SharePoint to do the searching which I am about 80% sure will
resolve our issues with the search.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Kabeer Karkare     Answered On: Oct 27

I'm really confused by what you are asking here. Did you extend your web
application, one for internal and the extended for external and now you're
having issues? Are you using one web application with AAMs to control the
URL access  direction? If so, how do you get two different URLs into the one
default zone?

AAMs allow you to present the same content from a web application over
different URL vectors and yet keep the link translation functioning properly
depending upon the URL you came in through. The zone  that the AAM is
connected to is largely irrelevant, (there are some considerations that need
to be observed) but for the most part we could call them red, blue, green
yellow and orange.

You are using an ISA server  so I'm guessing that one of the URLs is for your
internal access and the other is for external use. Could you clarify how
this is setup?

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