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SearchBoxEx, FireFox and the Enter Key Not Working

  Asked By: Jim    Date: Jan 26    Category: MOSS    Views: 1600

Having a problem with SearchBoxEx on our corporate site that's easy to reproduce.
1) Create an out-of-the-box Publishing Portal. No customizations required.

2) With FireFox 3, go to the home page of the new site. (I'm told that the problem also exists with FireFox 2, but I didn't personally verify.)

3) In the search box, enter a search phrase and press the enter key.

4) The home page simply refreshes instead of going to the search results page.

With IE 6/7 and Safari 3, everything works as expected. That is, the search results page is displayed.

I've reproduced this bug with three flavors of MOSS: MOSS RTM, with MOSS SP1 installed and finally with MOSS Infrastructure Update installed.

Looking at the traffic in Fiddler, it appears that *two* requests are being generated by FireFox. One to the search results page and one to the home page (in that order).

Anybody seen this before? I can't find any mention of it on the web. Short of creating my own SearchBoxEx or rewriting a bunch of MOSS JavaScript, is there an easy fix? The problem is not severe enough to justify a lot of effort. But it sure is annoying.



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Chelsey Watts     Answered On: Jan 26

thanks for taking the time to respond and confirming that I wasn't going nuts.

After searching around on the net, I found a site  (www.rotary.org) that solved the problem  with a clever JavaScript hack. If you look at the HTML source for the home  page, you'll see how they replace the function normally associated with the onkeypress event with a custom function in the event that the browser isn't IE. To see what I'm talking about, look at function replaceOnKeyPress().

To be sure, it's a hack because the server-generated names of the search  control and submit function are hard-wired into the function, but desperate times call for desperate measures, I guess.

Answer #2    Answered By: Nagesh Maulik     Answered On: Jan 26

Instead of hardwiring the ids into the code below is a modified function that will loop through the elements and find  the correct id for the mdlSearchBox:

<script type="text/javascript">

function replaceOnKeyPress()
var myid = '';
var mysubmitid = '';
var elem = document.forms['aspnetForm'].elements;

for(var i = 0; i < elem.length; i++)
if (elem[i].name.match("mdlSearchBox"))
myid = elem[i].id;

var myIdElements = new Array();
myIdElements = myid.split('_');

mysubmitid = myIdElements[myIdElements.length - 2];

var theFunction = mysubmitid + "_Submit();";
var theInputID = myid;

var txt = document.getElementById(theInputID);
var browser=navigator.appName;

if (txt && (browser == "Netscape"))
txt.onkeypress = function(e)
var key  = String.fromCharCode(e.keyCode);

if (key == "\n" || key == "\r")
return false;


Note that I placed this right before the closing form tag.

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