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  Asked By: Dora    Date: Jul 07    Category: MOSS    Views: 558

We recently upgraded from wss 2.0 and have found that search is only
working on our A server of our A B server farm. When i go to the B
server and try a search I get an error that says "Your search cannot be
completed because of a service error".

I have also tried to load the application templates that have been
released by Microsoft using the stsadm utility per the instructions.
These templates are only available when using the A server. When i try
to create a site on the A server using these templates it stops with an

I am just assuming that these two problems are related as it appears
that the farm is not working properly, not communicating.

I have read everything i can find and search is supposed to be so easy
to set-up. I have gone through all of that and it does not help.



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Luke Davis     Answered On: Jul 07

I see through my studies that we have in MOSS 2007 3 Search Services
as follows:

- Windows SharePoint Services Search Service
- Office SharePoint Server Search
- Windows SharePoint Services Help Search

Regarding the first 2 ones, I ask:

As far as I know, the 2nd is used as the real Search engine for the
product. Having said that, what does the 1st do, what is the role it
plays, why is it necessary for Search?

Interestingly enough, in the list Services on Server in Central
Administration, after we have configured the first 2 ones, WSS Search
Services disappears from the list and makes room for the 3rd one. In
front of that, may I conclude that WSS Search is not manageable anymore?

Answer #2    Answered By: Daniella Landry     Answered On: Jul 07

Since MOSS is just an extra bag of goodies on top of WSS, you get all
the WSS stuff when you install MOSS. This includes the WSS Search Service.

However, since MOSS comes with MOSS Search, you don't need the little
guy. Apparently, WSS Search actually *becomes* WSS Help Search. This is
good to know, since when you are setting up content databases, you can name
the WSS Search DB something more appropriate to what it will finally become.

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