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Search Results Missing Querystring / Crawl Rule - Complex URLs with

  Asked By: Elvis    Date: Mar 25    Category: MOSS    Views: 2186

How do I get the search results page in MOSS
2007 to display querystrings from crawled/indexed pages?

Here's the scenario: We have a page in our MOSS site that displays
products (product listing is obtained from a web service and
displayed in a custom web part). The product page is linked to from
several other places in the MOSS site and those links have a
querystring parameter (catID) that tells the webpart which category
of products to display. I added a crawl rule that said to crawl
complex urls and then re-indexed the crawl. It crawls successfully.
When I do a search for an item that should appear on the product page
it successfully "finds" the item and displays the link on the search
results page. However the search results link is missing the
querystring. So when you click on the link you get nothing displayed
in the product page becuase there is no catID parameter. How do I get
the search index to include these parameters?



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