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Search Result Inconsistency

  Asked By: Karissa    Date: Apr 27    Category: MOSS    Views: 686

I am not sure if this happens to other installations and releases.
Our current installation of MOSS 2007 RTM release has interesting search
results from time to time. Here is what I have seen:

1) The total number of items under "Search Settings - View Scopes"
seems to be artificially rounded to "2 to the power of n". I got too
many 1024, 8192, 2048 to be coincident.

2) Sometimes the total of a scope is not the sum of the totals of
the individual content sources that make up the scope.

3) The search result total also tends to round to of "2 to the
power of n". Many 256 and 1024 when the term is a broad one.

4) When I scrolled through the result list, the total can change
upward or downward by a small number. I can reproduce this in general
and this is more prominent when the search result set is large but does
not seem to happen when the result set is small like 20's, 30's or so.

Have any of you seen similar problems before and know what is causing
this? I was thinking of reporting this to MS but not too sure what they
would do for a beta/RTM release.

I know Verity has command line utility to query the index directly for
troubleshooting and managing index. Does MS have anything similar?



3 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Osvaldo Winters     Answered On: Apr 27

I haven't seen that Ben, but will do some tests. Are the scopes that
you're seeing this with indexing files?

Answer #2    Answered By: Kylie Gill     Answered On: Apr 27

The scopes I have built include files and SP objects but all based on
the content sources (some SP, some file systems and some web sites as

For example, a scope that is combining 2 SP content sources, one has
total of 1,536 (1,024+512) items and the other is 14,592 (14,400+9,192)
but the total for the scope is 18,688. When I search  by checking only
this scope on the advanced search page, I got 19,456 results on the 1st
page, 18,432 the 2nd, 18,432 again on 3rd, 18,688 (the right answer) on
the 4th but 18,944 on the 5th ..... Isn't this a bit too wild?

Answer #3    Answered By: Brianna Olson     Answered On: Apr 27

Yes, that's very wild. I've been spending some time with search  scopes
and have not seen the 'binary' count behaviour you describe.

Are you still on TR or have you moved up to RTM? Is it still doing that
in RTM?

We're on RTM and all of our scopes (so far) are based on single content
sources, so the sum of the content sources vs. the total for the scope
has never been an issue.

However, I did just discover that the item counts on the SSP scope pages
are security trimmed. I had one scope that showed the same count when
logged in to the SSP as the farm account as showed when logged in to the
site as a site administrator. The other two shared scopes showed 0 in
the SSP and realistic counts on the site. The scopes all seemed to work
correctly as well. The farm account only had read access to the first
scope and not to the other two. If I give the farm account permission to
read the other content, all the counts match. I should have known....

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