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Search on custom managed property returning only partial results

  Asked By: Nicole    Date: Aug 27    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 2112

I have a standard template document library containing our reporting services
reports (rdl files). Content types are turned on, but the only one we are using
is the standard "Document". I have a site column called "Area" that is required
in this library, of type "Choice", no fill-ins allowed, and is allowed to be

I created a Managed Property called "Area", found the expected crawled property
named "ows_Area(Text)", mapped it using the "Include values from a single
crawled property" setting, and checked the "Allow this property to be used in
scopes" box.

Ran a full crawl, and checked the managed property - it is showing 116 items
found with this property, which sounds about right. So far so good...

So, in my advanced search page I select "Area" in my property filter dropdown,
type in "Finance", and click Search.

I get ten results, all documents with the value "Finance" in the Area column.

HOWEVER - 5 docs with Finance are missing. I've checked all of them; all are
approved, checked in, names not too long, verified all were crawled successfully
in the crawl log, etc. - basically everything I can think of.

QUESTION: how do I go about troubleshooting this? Is there any way to drill down
into the database and see at an individual item level, what values *exactly* are
getting stored for all the crawled properties?



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