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search anomaly in SPS 2003

  Asked By: Lavanya    Date: Apr 05    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 725

Fresh install of Windows Server 2003 running SharePoint 2003 RTM Eval connected
to SQL database on other server. This is not an upgrade but a fresh install of
SPS2003. Backward compatible components are not installed. Full text searching
is turned on in SharePoint and is enabled on the SQL server.

Here is more information on my search problem. I do not get any search results
for any items that are located in sub-sites (http://servername/sites/subsite)
when searching from the main portal site (http://servername).

If I search for the same sub-site items from the sub-site itself
(http://servername/sites/subsite), the search results come up fine. This is
valid for any account including the administrator account on the server and
domain account that are members of the local administrators group on the server.
The results are the the same for SharePoint Administrators of the main portal
site and the sub-site.

However, if I search on the main site when I am logged in as the crawl account
(which is also a member of the administrators group on the server), I can get
results on the main portal site as well as the sub-site for items stored int the
sub-site (http://servername/sites/subsite).

The index was setup with crawling of the sub-site and main portal site. The
portal site directory is also being indexed correctly. I have reset the index
and ran full crawls but this has not helped. Crawls have been successful.

How come searching on the main portal site for items located on the sub-site
work with the crawl account and it does not with other accounts?



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