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SDP and task list application

  Asked By: Curtis    Date: Dec 09    Category: MOSS    Views: 1913

I am very new to this and I am lost and been spinning my
wheels for a week and do not know what to do.

I have been asked to build a tasking workflow application. We are
using MOSS 2007/SharePoint 2007/SharePoint Designer 2007/InfoPath
2007 and Office 2003 (I know), My problems is once a task is created
and the sending an email to the taskee and so on down the workfow
that each person in the workflow needs to review the task and perform
different actions. But each person cannot change the previous persons
data and they will need different fields to enter.

Here is what i have done so far

1. create a custom task list with several extra custom columns

2, create a workflow in SPD and grab the taskee which was a drop-down
item from the 1st task and then send the taskee an email


3. Need to redirect the taskee back to the task so they can view only
the previous information, but they will need to have some extra
fields which thye fill out then pick a worker to do the task. This is
where i am lost, yes i can point them back to the orignial task, but
they need a custom form so they can perform there task but have a
read only version of the original items.

4. then back to spd where an email will go to the worker, and same
thing that worker need to view all the previous info, but they need
somehow to upload documents to an existing library and that library
needs to be hocked into the task.

5. Keep in mind i know some of sharepoint, sdp, infopath, but nothing
about visual studio.

6.Any help, ideas, webcast or books would be great

p.s. so in short, how would you have different steps in the workflow
perform actions on the task, but each step requires a slightly
different form to add information, but at the same time not have the
ability to change any prior information, accept the original tasker.
then the upload of documents to an existing doc library that is
hocked into the task itself.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Kacey Russo     Answered On: Dec 09

Whoa, that workflow  sounds pretty complex.

Regarding the part about having some tasks as read only for some people,
the following tool may help you:

SharePoint designer  Custom Workflow Activities

Regarding just general knowledge about SP Designer workflows, the
folling site has been VERY helpful to me:

Design a document review solution

Try that second link first. It may take an entire day to go through the
whole thing, but you'll learn a LOT, and it will probably help you gain
the knowledge to figure out your own workflows.

Regarding your "P.S." question...
It sounds like SP Designer's "collect data from a user" action would be
useful here. Each time you use that action, it automatically creates a
new content type and puts it in the task  list. That way, each time
users fill in their fields, they only see the certain ones. When you go
into the task list, under "Advanced", change it to allow you to manage
content types. That way, you'll be able to look at each content type,
and see/edit what fields are associated with each one.

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