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Scopes for Two Site Directories

  Asked By: Dario    Date: Dec 01    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1014

I have two portal areas that I am using as Site Directories. One portal
area has a series of sites built off of one site template that is used
by one department, while the other portal area will have a series of
sites built off a second template, used by a second department.

I would like to create two search scopes - one for each department. Each
search scope should include the portal area itself, plus the
corresponding sites and all of their respective documents.

I know that by default, I have all of my sites contents in the
Non-Portal-Content index. And I know that part of the answer is that I
need to split this into two content indexes. However, how do I configure
the content sources so that when I create a site off of one template for
the first department, it goes into the first content index, while if I
create a site for the second department, it goes into the second content

Is there a way to set up the rules and such so that it behaves in this
manor? Or does it become incumbent upon the administrator to manually
add the sites to the indexes as part of the procedure for creating a new

Does my question make sense?



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Brooks Bond     Answered On: Dec 01

Don't confuse indexes, source groups, search scopes  and content  sources.
Search scopes are built  off of source groups, not index  files or content

Here's the most granular way to do this, without having to worry about
index files.

1. Create four content sources  - two of them will be for the sites
directory and two for the sites  direction areas  (one each).

2. Place the two content sources (one for the site  area and the other
for the sites directory) in the same source group. Do the same for the
other two, but in a different source group.

3. Build your search  scopes and away you go.

Now, the gotcha here is something that I just learned today: the sites
directory content source does *not* crawl the sites directory area  in a
portal. Instead, it crawls the sites that are listed in the Manage
Sites to Crawl page. It is the portal  content source that crawls the
sites listed in the Sites Directory.

I was *stunned* today. But I tested it and I'm 90% sure I'm right on
this point. I'll post something to my blog soon about this. So, in
effect, if you want the Sites Directory content source to crawl all of
the sites, then they need to be listed in the Manage Sites to Crawl
page. By default, embedded sites are added to this page, but if they
are not, then they are not crawled by the Sites Directory content

Answer #2    Answered By: Gregg Wilkinson     Answered On: Dec 01

Help me understand - this is what I did, but I'm not quite getting the
results I would expect. The first search  scope is Corporate Events, and
the second one is Accounting. We'll just use Corporate Events as the
example, because I assume the steps are all the same for Accounting.

1) Go to site  Settings >> Configure Search and Indexing
2) Add content  Source
3) For the first content source, I selected the following settings:

- Non_Portal_Content Index,
- SharePoint portal  Site Directory option
http://servername/C2/Corporate%20Events/Lists/Sites/Summary.aspx for the
address (this is the sites  portal area  for Corporate Events).
- Description: Corporate Events Sites
- Adaptive Updates checked
- Source Group - I manually entered "Corporate Events Sites"

4) For the second content source, I selected the following settings:
- Portal_Content index  (I was guessing here)
- Web Page or Web Site option (I was guessing here too)
http://servername/C2/Corporate%20Events/Lists/Sites/Summary.aspx for the
- Description: Corporate Events Sites
- Crawl Configuration: This Site - Follow links...
- Participate in Adaptive Updates
- Source Group - I selected Corporate Events Sites

5) Returned to Site Settings >> Configure Search and Indexing
6) Manage Search Scopes >> New Search Scope, and used the following

- Name: Corporate Events
- Topics and Areas: Limit to the following Areas: Corporate
- Content Source Groups: Limit to: Corporate Events Sites
7) Reset both portal and non_portal content indexes, and start full
updates on both.

My search results yield only the Corporate Events area page, and not any
of the sub pages.

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