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Use of Scope in MOSS MSSQLFT

  Asked By: Bob    Date: Aug 19    Category: MOSS    Views: 1850

We are completing some development using MOSS for Full Text Searching
over crawled external content defined in specific scopes.

It appears as though the use of Scope has changed somewhat since
Sharepoint 2003. Instead of specifying the scope in the FROM clause
its now part of the WHERE clause.

I would imagine something like:

WHERE "scope" = 'SCOPENAME' replaces the old syntax of FROM
SCOPENAME..SCOPE() however specifying the scope in the WHERE clause
results in an invalid property error.

If we remove it from the WHERE clause the search does return results
across ALL Indexed Content (All Scopes).

Searching within the Sharepoint search centre directly works when
selecting the specific scope - so everything seems to be configured
correctly in Sharepoint.

Do we need to define "scope" as a managed property and link it to a
crawled property? (seems unlikely coz, we can define scope on an
existing indexed content).



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