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Saving items to Form library or custom form to list

  Asked By: Richelle    Date: Mar 12    Category: Sharepoint 2010    Views: 1567

Ok a couple questions for you all actually...

1. I have a list that I created a custom infopath form for. All users have the same permissions and the form was working great and then one day we came back into work and some users would open the form to edit an item and they would not be able to see the text contained in the fields, however another user could see the text at the same time. We tried clearing the browser history on the computer that was unable to see the text and checked the browser version. I noticed the page does receive a java script error on the computer that was unable to see the text and the error was not present on the computer where the text was visible.
On my own computer a few hours later I was able to see the text again but I would enter information and hit save and it would not make it to the list and would have to keep entering and saving until it would save. I asked a more technical group that I work with and they said it was because it contained rich text fields instead of plain text changed my fields and closed my ticket but the issues with saving the information still exist and the java error is still present.

2. The second issue is in a more complex form with multiple views and a more intense workflow. The application works we have run through it several times, and then there will be days when we come in and users will go to save a section and it appears as if it has saved the form but if you exit and you go back in you can see it has never reached the form list so the item doesn’t exist when you exit and try to go back into it. This does not happen every time and it will work for a user and then not work for the same user minutes or hours later. It does not happen often but we cannot deploy until we have figured out why it occurs and we have tried recreating the error and it is hard to duplicate because it doesn’t continuously happen to the same person and it is very hit or miss.



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