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Safely Change Site ID (GUID)

  Asked By: Julian    Date: Jul 24    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 25285

I have built a Staging Portal Site on a Staging Server which will
become the Production Site soon. I have tested the migration to the
Production Server using Backup and Restore and everything looks
good. I am planning for Disaster Recovery of the Production Server
to switch to the Staging Server, if necessary. So I defined the
Staging Server to use multiple IP addresses and set up 2 Web Sites
to use unique IP addresses. The Staging Portal Site already exists
on it now. When I try to restore the Production Site onto the 2nd
Virtual Server, it says "Portal Site already exists and must be
deleted before restoring". Looking into the Log, I found out that
since I built the original Production Site from the Staging Site,
they both have the same Site ID (GUID). I would like to change the
Site ID of the Staging Site so it is different from the Production
Site. Is there any utility to do this? If not, can I safely modify
the Site ID directly in the SQL Server Tables?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Blake Marshall     Answered On: Jul 24

Modifying the contents of the SQL Server tables directly  is not
recommended by Microsoft. But I've successfully done it in situations
like yours. not  that I'm recommending you do it that way.

I noticed that you say you are using unique  IP addresses. I don't think
that this is a supported configuration.

Answer #2    Answered By: Dwayne Jensen     Answered On: Jul 24

Have you specifically done the Site ID change
directly using SQL server  tables?

I know SPS 2003 certainly supports multiple  virtual servers. Then is
that possible only using ports other than 80 instead of multiple IP
addresses? Do you have any documentation saying unique  IP addresses
is unsupported configuration?

Answer #3    Answered By: Jose Baker     Answered On: Jul 24

I don't recall if I specifically changed the Site ID. I certainly
couldn't remember any step by step instructions.

You can use host headers or ports but not  IP addresses; I prefer host
headers. IP-bound virtual servers are not supported in SharePoint, see
this KB article:

Answer #4    Answered By: Cornelius Guerrero     Answered On: Jul 24

I have a portal site  http://HPCEPMPORTAL

I created another portal  site http://UnileverRSD:2001 using HPCEPMPORTAL site.

Does this mean that i have to use an unfriendly url like http://Unilverrsd:2001

Can i not  rename it http://Unileverrsd by entering IP and Port No.

If yes please let me know how to do it.

Answer #5    Answered By: Roderick Wolfe     Answered On: Jul 24

You will need to make a host header to use Unileverrsd. It will
translates Unileverrsd to the IP address of the server  that will handle
the request. If running on a developer box, you can simply use the hosts
file for the translation. Otherwise, you will need to create an entry
into DNS.

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