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Can a RSS feed be displayed in a publishing site?

  Asked By: Joseph    Date: Apr 28    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 3569

I've been trying to display the output of a RSS feed in a couple of different publishing sites I'm working on without any success, so I'm wondering if such a thing is possible. Even when I create a stock site using the Publishing Site template and the Blue Band master page I run into problems trying to add a web part to the page to display the results of a RSS feed. Here's what I'm seeing:

By default, the publishing site's web part gallery does not display the standard RSS Viewer web part that I'm used to seeing in other collaboration site templates.
I've tried adding the XML Web Part, pointing it at the RSS feed and writing my own XLST to format and parse the feed. Two problems here: 1) I don't know XLST at all and am failing miserably at writing what I'd need to parse the output, and 2) I still don't think it's going to work, I'm seeing time out errors when I just point the web part at the feed w/o XSLT applied.
I've gone into the Web Part gallery and added the RSS Aggregator web part to the publishing site's web part gallery. When I add it to the page and point it at a feed I get an unexpected error. When I check my SharePoint event logs, the entries are similar to when the server needs to point at a proxy server to access the internet. The problem here is that my server does not use a proxy server to connect to the internet.
I've installed the Smiling Goat Feed Reader web part on the server, and that doesn't work either.
I've double checked a non-publishing web application on the server (a MySites web app), and RSS feeds are displaying just fine there, so I don't think its a problem with the server.
So is there something in the Publishing site architecture or its associated master pages that prevents RSS feeds from displaying in a site, perhaps something that's affecting the feed's XML or the XLST? I'm seeing this in two different sites, one created with stock BlueBand master page and one created with a custom master page based on Heather Solomon's base master page.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Doris Leach     Answered On: Apr 28

A coworker of mine has been doing a lot of work  for a different client who is building several custom  MOSS publishing  sites, so I pinged him to see if he could duplicate my problem. He opened up one of his sandbox publishing sites, checked  the web  part gallery  and lo and behold, there's the rss  Viewer Web Part. He added  it to the page, pointed it at my RSS feed, and it rendered without a hiccup. Needless to say I was puzzled and frustrated.

So we started looking at the configuration of his site, and immediately I noticed that he had some features enabled that I didn't in my publishing site, specifically the ones relating to Enterprise licensed functionality. So I went back into my publishing site  and enabled the following two Features:

Office SharePoint server  Enterprise Site Collection features - this is enabled in the Site Collection Features link located in the Site Collection Administration section. Enabling this feature is what put the RSS viewer  web part  in my publishing site's web part gallery.
Office SharePoint Server Enterprise Site features - this is enabled in the Site features link located in the Site Administration section. You do not need to enable this feature to add  the web part to the top-level publishing site, but I think it is a good idea to enable both of these features in tandem.
Once I had the RSS Viewer web part in my gallery, it was smooth sailing. The feed  displayed, and I tweaked the XSLT in the web part to customize its output  to meet my design requirements.

I'm having a hard time  understanding why I need the Enterprise features to get the RSS Viewer web part, but that's the case. It just seems strange, since that web part is available in other standard  license site templates, that you can't get it in the publishing site template. The only thing  I can figure out is that it is assumed you'll be enabling the Enterprise features as a standard practice for publishing sites, which I guess I'll be doing in the future as a standard configuration step.

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