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Route Documents based on metadata for publishing

  Asked By: Jefferson    Date: Feb 19    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1861

I'm looking for ideas here...

Concept: Teams have private collaborative team sites where they do
their work. Occassionally, they will develop a document that should
be made accessible to a wider audience. (ex. IT user guides,
policies, etc.) Rather than manage item level permissions in these
private team sites, the company would like to "publish" these
individual documents to sites open to the general employee
population. Ideally, the users should not have to know the exact
location where the document should be published. That should be
determined via the standard metadata columns associated with all
documents throughout the portal.

Example: a small IT team develops a user guide for an application.
It's a word document under version control. When it's ready to be
published, the team lead submits the doc for publishing. The portal
sees that the document is a User Guide content type managed by IT and
intended for viewing by "All Employees." Based on this, the document
is published to the Employee Resources / IT library as a user guide.

When the team updates the source document, they are prompted to
update the published copy of the document also.


This is very similar to the Send To capability, although that
functionality is limited to 1 pre-defined choice.

I thought the records center might be a good possibility, given the
routing rules and the ability to define the record center location in
Central Admin. However, with it adding new files for every update
and altering the file names, it would be very difficult to get that
in a state that could be used for this altered purpose.

We could write a custom workflow, I suppose.




2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Alka Sarabhai     Answered On: Feb 19

How about a combination of send-to and a workflow  - have send-to point
to a central "publishing" library, and an auto-firing workflow there to
further route  it based  on Content Type?

Answer #2    Answered By: Eashan Nadkarni     Answered On: Feb 19

The SendTo functionality can be used to send  a document  to anywhere in
the system. Only one predefined location  can be added to the context
menu, but there is also the choice  for Other locations. I would suggest
doing this by creating a central document library  with an ItemAdded
event handler that would redirect content  to other established libraries
based on ContentType. Then create a SendTo entry that points to the
central library. When a document is sent to the library it would fire
the event handler and be copied to the published  location. If the
content type  was unknown you could leave it in the library for
intervention. Add a second event handler for ItemModified to the
central library and you could re-direct "stuck" files  simply by changing
their content type to one of the approved ones.

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