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Rich/HTML editors (again)

  Asked By: Damaris    Date: Jul 26    Category: MOSS    Views: 1295

As we all know, the built in rich-text/HTML editor in MOSS isn't that
great. The consensus seems to be 'download Telerik's RADEditor'.

I have done that (the LITE version) to try it out.

It's better, for sure, but seems to have some issues of its own.
Granted, these might be MOSS issues more than anything:

1) in a publishing site the used as a web part is *in addition to*
rather than *replaces* the default editor. So one could quickly build
pages that have both web parts. I can see this being a nightmare for
migration issues down the road. Is this just how it is? If an even
better editor comes on the market in 6 months, would we have to add that
new part to every page, cut and paste content from the old one, and then
delete the old one?

2) Because MOSS decided to make the editing interface the same as the
presentation interface (I'll have a long question/rant about that in
another message some day), I'm finding that you can quickly make a very
convoluted page for editing. For instance, we have a 3-column layout of
HTML web parts. When I go to edit the content in RadEDitor, RADeditor
expands to fit it's own toolbar, and therefore pushes the rest of the
page way off to the right, and then there's the web-part editing pane
added even further to the right. So we now have to show people how to
edit the content, then scroll their page horizontally all the way to the
right to see the hidden OK field. Is there a workaround for this?

3) Are there any other MOSS-friendly HTML editors on the market yet? 6
months ago, someone mentioned that they got TinyMCE working. I'm going
to try that myself. Any other's I should look at?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Tiana Whitaker     Answered On: Jul 26

We have used RAD editor  for MOSS both internally and with client
projects and have not run into the scrolling issues  you described. I am
wondering if you have some other setting incorrect. I have not tried
the Lite version, so maybe there are some issues with that.

Sorry I currently don't know  about any other products on the market.
Maybe others do.

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