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Retrieving sharepoint calendar recurring events using webservices

  Asked By: Kenya    Date: Jan 12    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 3255

I have a share point site which is on remote system and i want to
retrive the calendar events in recurrent format using list.asmx

Similar to the one when we see the "Current Events" view.

ex: Christmas start date : 25-12-2000 end date: 25-12-2015
recurrent = true yearly recurring

output :

Event name start date
Christmas 25-12-2000
Christmas 25-12-2001
Christmas 25-12-2002
Christmas 25-12-2003

When i am using GetListItems("Calendar",null,empty,empty,null,null)
i am getting the output as:

Christmas 25-12-2000 25-12-2015
but not in expanded format..

Can anyone please help me how to get these events using webservice...
What are the parameters to used in GetListItems() to get events in
expanded format.



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