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Reset "ID" to Zero (0) -- Can it be done?

  Asked By: Heena    Date: Dec 27    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 4937

I have a document library set to automatically increment a document
number and it works great thru all my testing. Each time a document
is added, the library assigns the next sequential number to it. I
used calculated fields and a custom-workflow for it. This is how I
did it:

"First create a new field called FormId, then in SharePoint Designer
create a workflow to run when a new item is created, leave the
Condition field blank and under Action, select Update Item, FormId =
(current item) ID. This workflow will now copy the ID field to the
FormID field.
Next, change both your calculated fields to run against the FormId
field instead of the ID field:
ID Set =IF(FormID<10,"000",IF(AND(FormID<100,FormID>=10),"00",IF(AND
Incremental Form ID ="P"&ID Set&FormID
This will result in the assigning an incremental number to a new item
when it is created."

My problem is that now that I am done with testing, I want to start
loading in "real" documents, but I want to start over again and have
the first document be "1" . How do I do this?



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