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Reports from Multiple Lists

  Asked By: Dario    Date: Jun 19    Category: MOSS    Views: 2383

I have a need to create multiple reports, with each report accessing 2/3
custom lists.

What is the best way to do this in MOSS 2007?

Is accessing the SQL database a suggested way to do this? What would happen if
the next version of sharepoint changes the database structure at the back?

I tried using Data view but it doesn't seem to have many options if single
reports needs to show data from 3 lists at a time.

Any of your suggestions would greatly help me.



10 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Kristian Chaney     Answered On: Jun 19

Have you tried MS Access?????????????

Answer #2    Answered By: Alicia Scott     Answered On: Jun 19

SharePoint lists  are not
truly relational. One of the side-effects from this is the problem you
are having.

Another alternative would be to create  a web part page containing
connectable web parts. You can filter the contents of one web part from
what was selected in the master web part. You can use SharePoint Designer
to create DataForm/View web parts.

Also, CorasWorks (which is expensive) allows you to generate master/detail

Answer #3    Answered By: Mike Lamb     Answered On: Jun 19

Connecting webparts is definitely going to help  me
in creating certain reports.

Answer #4    Answered By: Jose Scott     Answered On: Jun 19

I am actually developing a mini application using custom lists  and so, the
Reports need to be online, along with the other features of the application. So,
I didn't try the MS-Access route.

Is it a good idea to try doing these reports  in SSRS with multiple
datasources, with each datasource beign a WSS Webservice for a single list data
or am I thinking too wierd?

I am talking here about the application in total having 7 to 8 custom lists,
with the ID's in place for foreign keys (to help  write the queries).

Answer #5    Answered By: Taylor Clark     Answered On: Jun 19

I wasn't suggesting that you create  an MS Access database  as the user
interface, I meant to create a server-only, MS Access database much like
you would create an ODBC or OLEDB to access data. The MS Access database
would be linked to the SharePoint lists  and your Web Part would query
the MS Access database linked lists rather than the lists themselves.
This will give you full SQL syntax on the related lists. Kludgey, I know
but it should work.

You may also want to consider using LINQ. I think that there is already
an SPLinq project on CodePlex and another one on the way called Link4SP.
I haven't tried either of these yet.

Answer #6    Answered By: Anthony Rutledge     Answered On: Jun 19

Thank you very much for this info. This is something new to me and will
definitely try.

Answer #7    Answered By: Heena Nagori     Answered On: Jun 19

If you've looked at using a Data view, take another look at Data Sources
in SharePoint Designer, especially Linked Data Sources. Using Linked
Data sources you can create  a Data Source that links or merges multiple
lists together. That Data Source can then be used in a Data view
webpart just like any other Data source.

Answer #8    Answered By: Aishwarya Karmarkar     Answered On: Jun 19

I did look at Linked data  sources and it did help  me in certain instances.
But, I couldn't figure out how to display data in a dataview from a linked data
source, that has 3 lists.

The way I could display for 2 lists  is
Master List columns, Child List Columns
M Record C Record 1
C Record 2
C Record n
M Record C Record 1
C Record n

For 3 lists, the page would become too wide. Even for two lists it is wide

If you have any more info in this, please let me know.

Answer #9    Answered By: Janell Camacho     Answered On: Jun 19

Assuming that you want to Join the three lists, rather than merge them
this is the procedure.

Create a Linked data  Source between two of the lists

Then create  another linked data source between the third list and the
Linked data source you just created.

That will give you a linked datasource that joins all three lists  into a
single table. You can then create a Dataview from the combined table.
You can fix the width issue by being selective about which columns you
display in the data view. Grouping can also help  shrink the width of
the data view  also.

Answer #10    Answered By: Julia Washington     Answered On: Jun 19

Im doing this, but can't get grouping to work. Did you ever tried to group
the data  after joining the lists?
Because i can't get it to work.

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