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Reporting tool provides all docs associated with a specific proper

  Asked By: Veer    Date: Nov 14    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 713

I am looking for a web part/script that can do a search on a specific meta
data property. Example: All documents with an associated invoice number (any
invoice number) that are checked in or published. (The invoice number is
entered in the document profile when the user checks-in a document).
Basically I need some sort of report for all documents with invoice numbers
that are in SPS - I do not want to enter each invoice number to check
whether it exists in SharePoint. A nice to have would be if one could get a
report like this where one can optionally specify a date from when it should
report from. I have seen the usage report tool that gives a hit list of
documents (very useful I must say!) - perhaps something in this format.
Does anyone have or know if such a thing exists?



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