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Reporting Services SP3 Integrated with WSS 3.0 The request failed with HTTP status

  Asked By: Miriam    Date: Feb 07    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1828

we're running WSS3.0 version and have Reporting Services setup in Integrated mode. The install would be the same as a farm install however all components are on the same server (virtualserver). The server is joined to the domain. Authentication should be NTLM (AFAIK). As an aside we are running on a virtual machine under VM Ware.

Yesterday I managed to allow the host drive run out of diskspace, so after sorting out that I was able to restart the wss server (virtualserver) and since then we've not been able to get reports off of the site.

If I go direct to the report server on http://virtualserver:8080/ReportServer/ I get the parent listing from sharepoint and I am able to navigate that a locate a report and run it. If I access the report from wss at http://sharepoint/ and either navigate to a report library and access a report that way I get the everso useful error "An unexpected error occurred while connecting to the report server. Verify that the report server is available and configured for SharePoint integrated mode." If I try to view a report via a report web part I get "The request failed with HTTP status 401: Unauthorized."

I've ensured that I've installed the latest version of the Reporting Services Addin an that has made no difference. I can access the Central Administration -> Application Management -> Reporting Services section and all of the options in there. Under Manage Intergration Settings I've tried it with both Windows Authentication and Trusted Account.

Does anyone have any ideas where to start looking to resolve this problem as I'm scratching my head over this issue, and the technet documentation from MS is really lacking when it comes to troubleshooting wss and reporting services.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Jeremey Avery     Answered On: Feb 07

I have now resolved this issue, it was not caused by Sharepoint or reporting  Services, so if anyone else is getting this I have posted the link to the Microsoft Article that includes the fix: support.microsoft.com/default.aspx

The problem was due to a Windows Update which changes the way the server deals with the loopback naming, as we were running both sharepoint and reporting services  sites with hostheaders that are different to the server host name it appears that was the cause of the problem. Once I changed the registry entry to disable the loopback check the problem was resolved.


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