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Reporting Services Integrated Mode + Unable to connect to the remote

  Asked By: Arturo    Date: Apr 24    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 3935

Reporting Services Integrated mode gives an error "Unable to connect
to the remote server" when I try to set server defaults
I have a farm with a WFE, an app server - hosts central admin and does
the indexing, a sql cluster and report services server.
I am using Kerberos, Everything works fine but I am getting an
error "Unable to connect to the remote server" when I try to set
server defaults in central admin.



5 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Tricia Mullins     Answered On: Apr 24

That is normally caused by the account you are using as the "trusted
account" does not have the correct permission to the reporting  services
databases. Check your permissions.

Answer #2    Answered By: Himanshu Gohil     Answered On: Apr 24

I checked the account permissions, the account I am using to set
server defaults  is an admin  on th report server  box and dbo on all
associated databases. when i take out require ssl encryption from the
report server configuration tool, I can set  server defaults but now
the reports generation fails with the sharepoint site is sending
anonymous calls to the report  site which fails with a 401.

Answer #3    Answered By: Ashton Schroeder     Answered On: Apr 24

Make sure you have the standard or enterprise version of sql server  and
not an edition of express or workgroup. They don't support connections
to remote  databases. I had similar errors when my company only
contracted for the workgroup edition of sql  server.

Answer #4    Answered By: Iris Ballard     Answered On: Apr 24

Thanks I have the enterprise version.

Answer #5    Answered By: Jamila Guthrie     Answered On: Apr 24

To reslove this problem, I made sure all involved websites were
porperly configured to negotaite Kerboros. Then Although the reporting
services site uses SSL I uncheked "require SSL " in the reporting
services configuration tool. This worked and I still have my data


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