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Reporting from multiple lists in sharepoint - MS Access?

  Asked By: Stuart    Date: Apr 27    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 3041

I'm looking into replacing fairly simple db structure and UI which
is currently in MS Access and putting it in sp. This will save me
the hassle of programming UIs - as I really don't do that.

I still need to report on the data, and at this point, I really
don't see any out-of-the-box multi-list reporting options. Once I
create the content types and the lists in sharepoint, I'd like to be
able to link to those lists via Microsoft Access - much the same way
I would link to an excel document via Access. That way, I can still
do my reporting.

Has anyone had experience with this, or know if it's possible?

Given the poor search nature of "Access," I've been unable to find
anything on this.



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Janell Camacho     Answered On: Apr 27

Using Access 2007 you can import multiple  SharePoint lists  into a database and
maintain an active link  with the lists back on the server. You also have the
option of linking those lists in Access using the Relationship builder.

Answer #2    Answered By: Julia Washington     Answered On: Apr 27

We have roughly the same requirement, except we want to avoid Access & do it
in/to Excel. At the moment, we have the CQWP aggreating the lists, but we are
strugging with the export part. Alternatively, we can combine the lists
through the "linked data  sources" of SPD and display in a data view, but are
still struggling with the export to Excel.

If anyone wants to discuss, please call during business hours PST.

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