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Replication Software

  Asked By: Lavanya    Date: Oct 26    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1194

Just wondering of anyone has tested SPS with replication Software, I'm about
to test Legato Replistore.
But I can't get my head round how we can copy sps byte by byte..



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Answer #1    Answered By: Gerard Randall     Answered On: Oct 26

First remember that there is no support for that and there are several
reasons for this. If you chose to do it anyway, What you would basically
do is:

1. Build first and second servers with same drives and paths.
2. Configure Server1 the way you want it.
3. Make sure Server2 has the same workspace names so that IIS virtual
directories are configured the same on both servers.
4. Run MSDMBACK /B on server1
5. Run MSDMBACK /R on server2
6. Use Legato to replicate the content between the "\sharepoint portal
server\data" folder.

I believe down the road, if you added a workspace on Server1, you would
need to also create at least a virtual directory in IIS that corresponds
to it... But then again, that is one of the reasons it is not supported
to replicate it because SPS touches both the SPS App and IIS but you
can't replicate all that data because the server names would be
different... That is unless you are only replicating to another passive
offline server to be used only for DR. In that case, if the hardware is
identical, you can replicate everything on the drives between Server1
and Server2.

I don't recommend what you are attempting, but HTH.

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