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  Asked By: Russell    Date: May 26    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 689

Ability to replicate an entire portal between one site and an other. Ability to replicate a WSS site collection between one site and many site (Hub and spoke).

What type of replication? Master/Slave? All databases are writeable? What about conflict resolution? What about indexes? What about the sps.edb property store? What scenario would this solve for you?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Taylor Mills     Answered On: May 26

In the case of Master/Slave, the main reason for this will be to provide a hot standby environment to users. We have implemented similar solution using scripted backup/restore and content replication  for some of our clients. I think this could be achieved with simple Snapshot SQL replication.

In the case of all databases  writeable, in a perfect world it will be nice if we could decide on a site  collection basis which way the content is being replicated and which side of the replication wins for conflict. Some of my customers have the following issues where replication could help. For instance let’s assume our content is hosted at your HQ in Washington, you have a branch office in LA where for performance reason all team sites are being replicated there and LA users access the local instance of the sites. Let’s say that out of all of the sites collections, LA users only update 2 sites on a regular basis, it will be beneficial to have those 2 sites be updatable in the LA database and replicated back to the Headquarters. Although it will make the deployment more complex it will allow local users to have fast access to the content they use the most. I have a couple clients that are looking at implementing a solutions like this one using a 3rd party product called DoubleTake (Which does OS replication for SQL Server)

Answer #2    Answered By: Darrell Peters     Answered On: May 26

There are a number of ways at looking at this one. First, replication  between hot sites or load balanced servers. I would like to see the total site  replicated, DB content as well as the html and images from the SPS common files dir tree. Maybe events or indications built into the object model to let code know what files/directories have changed from the initially deployed site.
Also, I would like to see a procedure to determine the "delta" between two sites. (i.e. production and current development) A way to use the replication structure to aid or drive a deployment scheme for a development team. alpha, beta, production, post-production bug correction. Replication of site topology/infrastructure as opposed to straight replication of site content.

Answer #3    Answered By: Blake Marshall     Answered On: May 26

Probably echoing some of what has been written before in replication, if replication  is indeed the answer !

Coping with infrastructure seen in large (decentralised) companies ?
Politically not technically, still difficult to see how companies with many distributed sites can work with one farm (however large). Would like to see easy to use functions to place and manage "parts" of one portal  into another portal/WSS site  to enable global management/deployment of corporate resources (data/content/search/navigation/profiles etc) but keeping balance of services hosted and managed within business units. In other terms a more granular approach to Shared Services extending into content but without the WAN restriction

Deployment Processes
Better, clearer approach to the Play >> pilot >> build >> test >> deployment of constituent parts of Sharepoint so that individual developments can be moved through with ease.

Probably somewhere in the first point, but we need one MySite per organisation for those that will have more than one infrastructure (there is a scripted redirect workaround for that but it does not go far enough I understand)

Off your list but at the top of mine would be to be able to have controlled vocabularies/data as lists managed in one place but all Sharepoint lists being able to use for lookup. This at least may have a tenuous link with replication !

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