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Replacing a sharepoint server..what would be the best way to do this

  Asked By: Billy    Date: Nov 20    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1278

I have been working with SharePoint for almost a year now but i have
not had the opportunity to replace an existing server. I either
supported existing environments or added additional servers, etc.

I have 2 WFE servers, Cluster SQL, and an application/backend server.
Here is how my environment is setup:

Server1 Central Administration
Windows SharePoint Services Help Search
Windows SharePoint Services Incoming E-Mail
Windows SharePoint Services Web Application

Server2 Excel Calculation Services
Office SharePoint Server Search
Windows SharePoint Services Search

Server3 Windows SharePoint Services Incoming E-Mail
Windows SharePoint Services Web Application

Server4 Windows SharePoint Services Web Application

I am replacing server 2 that is doing all fo the indexing and is a
search server.

The new server is server3 that i have already installed SharePoint on
it and the 2 services above started automatically when i installed SP
on it.

Does anyone have the exact steps i should take to try to minimize the
amount of downtime i will need as this is our production environment.



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Dante Parsons     Answered On: Nov 20

You said
"I am replacing  server 2 that is doing all of the indexing  and is a
search server."
Search has two roles, index and query. From your statement, I am assuming that
Server 2 (described below) has both roles for Office search plus Windows
SharePoint services  3.0 search, plus Excel Calculation Services.

From a planning perspective, you are replacing the one server  that no one likes
to replace. I always suggest that the Office Search index role never be moved if
at all possible.
See inline notes:
Server2 Excel Calculation Services > start services on another farm member
temporarily and stop them here. Switch roles back when new server is in place.
Office SharePoint Server Search > when this service is stopped, all queries go
unanswered. Search is not functional and will not be functional again until the
new server is in place and has done a complete crawl on all content.
Windows SharePoint Services Search> When this service is stopped, you can delete
the appropriate database on the SQL server because the new server will not use
it. Always creates a new empty database and then indexes the help  files.

I would:

- Join the new server to the farm.

- Stop the search services on the old server.

- Start them on the new server.

- Configure your SSP to use the new server.

- Re-crawl all content sources.

- After the crawl has finished, move the Excel Services role to the new

- Any time after you have stopped the search services on Server 2, run
the wizard and dis-join the farm.

Answer #2    Answered By: Luke Davis     Answered On: Nov 20

Yes, Server2 is doinb both index and query. Search is not the most
used function in our environment  so our index is not that big. Thank
you very much for your help. That helps me alot. I just wanted to
make sure i was taking the right steps  in order.