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What replaces workspaces and dashboards in version 2?

  Asked By: Palash    Date: Nov 26    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1392

I've spent the last several weeks reading all about SPS in preperation
for creating a web portal for our organization. I just started to get a
vision of how workspaces, dashboards, and sub-dashboards would fit
together to meet our needs. However, with v2 on the horizon, I'm
contemplating using the beta for our evaluation instead.

As best I can tell, version 2 does away with the concepts of workspaces,
dashboards, and sub-dashboards. I assume there are similar ideas in
verison 2. Is there documentation of them somewhere?

I've got some content that will need to be viewed by everyone, some
content that will be relevant to individual users, some content for a
single department, and some content for multiple departments. Advice on
where I might learn how to deal with this in version 2 beta is much



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Answer #1    Answered By: Indraneel Haldar     Answered On: Nov 26

Any of the SPS documents on the site are now geared for V2 and discuss
your questions. In short, yes there are no workspaces  and dashboards  now
but instead you have Portals and Sites (and sub-sites, etc.) which can
be viewed  the same. A portal  is basically similar  to a workspace and a
site kind of represents a dashboard (or a series of dashboards). Check
out the pilot guide (there's a link in the group here to it recently) as
it will explain the concepts and you can decide both how they fit into
your organization  and how to migrate (strategically) from an existing

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