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Reoccuring Db connectivity

  Asked By: Martha    Date: Feb 14    Category: MOSS    Views: 587

I got an issue and 2 questions aroudn solving it. First the scenario:

2 WFE, 1 App/index, clusters SQL 2008 all on Windows server 03

Mostly during busy time (9 am - 3 pm) all servers on the farm start logging
exceptions to the application log and ULS log in 30 minute intervals. The
exception is a failure to connect to SQL server because the identity being used
is not part of a trusted domain. There has never been a noticable loss of MOSS
functionality. CA, and all content web apps function fine. In the ULS log, it
appears it is trying to use our farm administrator account (there is an entry
"<domain>/<account> added to group 0") just before the exception that indicates
the SQL connectivity issue. When this error set occurs it is always the config
DB first, then SSP DB, then it cycles through all the content DBs. All servers
and farm accounts exist in a single domain.

We have run stsadm commands to update farm credentials, a couple times this
seemed to make it go away for an hour or a day. it always returns. Unlike the
other times I have seen issues like this there is the exception about an account
not being in a trusted domain. A similar entry is on SQL (SQL cannot resolve the
user name so it says 'n/a' for the username) so they are connecting just not

It is also occuring at regular intervals so I am assuming there is some type
of MOSS timer job making the call.

Couple questions:

1. Any idea how to get past this issue? I have not been able to solve it to
date. We are pulling in a network guy today because of the issue about untrusted
domains. it does not make much sense to me.

2. Any idea on how to determine what time job is causing this issue? The ULS log
has been mostly useless to determining it and the event logs equally so.
Whatever job it does cycle through every DB on the farm.



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