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Removal of 'Edit in Datasheet', 'Create View' options in List Toolbar

  Asked By: Donnell    Date: Feb 03    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 12817

I have SharePoint list that permits view and contribute access to all
users in our company. Although the global permissions are set
to 'Contribute,Read', any user still sees the 'Edit in Datasheet'
option in the list actions menu, and the 'Create View' option in the
view filter.

Is there an easy way to 'turn this off' or disable it? The list
permissions are correct and the Item-Level permissions are set
to 'read access > all items' and 'edit access - only their own'.



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Renata Burt     Answered On: Feb 03

Two different issues.

The Create view  option appears because Contribute permission level includes the
"Manage personal views" permission. Remove that permission and the Create View
option will go away.

The edit  in Datasheet will always display unless you remove it with a feature.
But that shouldn't mean that they can actually edit the items. If you pull the
list up in Datasheet view and try to edit an item that isn't yours it should
error out when you try to save the change by moving to another item. In fact it
may make the DataSheet view read  only entirely. It just doesn't change the

Answer #2    Answered By: Anthony Rutledge     Answered On: Feb 03

I ended up figuring out the edit  in datasheet  view
editing 'oddity' ... rows are locked as expected.

As for the 'create view', it is locked to personal view  creation.