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Reinstall and now sites don't work

  Asked By: Stuart    Date: Feb 24    Category: MOSS    Views: 7243

Short version: My SSP, portal, and mysite are all throwing HTTP 400 errors.

Longer version: Working on a pilot project install of MOSS 2007 and
did a reinstall to try and resolve some lingering issues. The Central
Admin loads fine, the services all started without a hitch, I created
the SSP admin site, Portal, and MySite sites as before, using the same
host headers from our DNS that were working fine before. The web app
configuration and SSP setup all seemed to go fine, but none of them
will load.

The only thing I changed in their configuation was simplifying to one
admin account (since it's a pilot test) instead of more discreet
accounts for admin areas.

They are on port 80 which the firewall is set to allow. I haven't even
introduced SSL yet.

I don't see any errors in the sharepoint log files. The one place I
see something odd is in the Application Event log and it has sporadic
cases of the SQL account not being able to log in. I've checked that
account and can log in with the credentials. And tables appear to have
been created for the web apps, so I'm a bit confused on that.

Thoughts on what I should look into?



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