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Regarding Page Viewer Web Part

  Asked By: Ronald    Date: Dec 02    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 3427

I developed a web part similiar to Page Viewer Web Part and calling a asp.net
application url in to it to full fill the legacy aplication integration in to
shrepoint site
but my problem is how to handle the dynamic url of the page viewer webpart !
In a collbration site I have several tabs/sites and under one tab I
integrated/added the Page Viewer Web Part and calling the legacy site using its
url and its working fine but once the user goes to another tab (lets say gone
to see the documentation portal) and come backs to Page Viewer Web Part tab it
is starting from the homepage/or the given url instead of last visited page of
the legacy application.

1) how to access the asp.net application session variables in sharepoint site
2) how to track/handle the iframe/Page Viewer Web Part's url?

I know we need to track the url of the asp.net application to load it back
when the user comes back to the webpart tab but I dont know how to achieve this?
can anybody suggest me how to achive this?
is there anyway of achiving this?

and is there anyway of accessing the session variables of integrated asp.net
aplication in sharepoin environment ..my idea is to maintain the legacy asp.net
site's related documents in a separate site..something like accoridng to the
user id or user actions I have to change the permissions of the docs in document

I hope some of you might come across this kind of application requirement !!
Advance thanks for your suggestions and views



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Antoine Barker     Answered On: Dec 02

If you're using the PVWP or similar webpart  that wraps content in an
iFrame, you have minimal visibility or control over that frame once
you've set the initial URL -- all the interaction is between the
browser and the embedded application, SharePoint isn't involved at all.

It may be possible to hook into changes to frame content (current URL,
application state) using JavaScript and somehow pass that back to SP,
but it's likely going to take some work.

Answer #2    Answered By: George Watson     Answered On: Dec 02

I am trying to work it out using Java Script
I am very thankful if you share any idea or any kind of code related to this
in javascript

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