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Recreating Sharepoint

  Asked By: David    Date: Mar 16    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1025

I am trying to set up a test version of our current Sharepoint setup.
I have created a test database server (SQL) and restored a copy of all
our Sharepoint databases to this server. I have also created a web
server and installed Sharepoint portal server and WSS on it. Both of
these servers plus a domain controller are on a separate network than
our live system.

I am not sure what I need to do next. When I enter the web address for
the Sharepoint site I get the 'Under Construction' IIS page. For some
reason IIS cannot link with Sharepoint.

Previously when I recreated our Sharepoint site to recover a file I
loaded all the databases except the config database. Then I did
a 'restore portal' using the three databases to create the config db.
When I try to do this in my current situation I get the following error
"A portal site already exists with the same ID as the one contained in
the database."

Has anyone else tried to recreate their Sharepoint setup before and can
give me some insight on what I'm doing wrong?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Daamodar Bhadranavar     Answered On: Mar 16

Sounds like you have a couple things going on. When you say that the test
system is on a seperate network, is it actually isolated so that they cannot
contact each other, or just that they are on a different IP range or different

The under construction sounds normal if you haven't created  a portal  yet.

The error message seems to indicate you are pointing the new SPS server  to the
old SQL database.

Answer #2    Answered By: Destiny Lewis     Answered On: Mar 16

Seems Like you already have the database  of that
particular site  in the SQL Server.

If you are restoring any portal  site , First check
manually whether the database of the site which you
are restoring is already there or not. If it is there
then delete it. Even renaming the databases  will not

For Sharepoint site, Check IIS is installed  or not and
then SPS site. If SPS Site is not loaded properly then
Better option is that Install the SPS in the
procedural way - Win2003, IIS, SQL Server, SPS2003,
Service Pack(3) if any , Office, etc..

Don't load Sharepoint databases manually to the new
server other than Restore option using Wizard or

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