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Recreated a List but now can't see the attachements

  Asked By: Sophie    Date: Oct 16    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 809

This problem has proved to be pretty difficult for me to get through.
What happened was a list (Issue List Type) was accidently deleted by a
administrator of a WSS site. When I looked into the database I found
that all the list information was still there but the actual reference
to the list in the "Lists" table was gone. Everything else was in the
database though, all the data, attachements, etc.

So I made a new list named Technical Issues2, (the old list was named
Technical Issues). I then went through the whole "UserData" table and
changed all references of data to the old List ID to the new List ID.
I then did the same thing in the "Doc" table as well as changed the
path information from "site/somesite/Technical Issues" to
"site/somesite/Technical Issues2"... I did this for every reference in
the doc table.

So, finally my list is back. All the data is there. The attachements
even show up. I can make a new network place to the site and view the
attachements too.

I only have one problem, when I try to open one of the attachements of
the list it just hangs. If I make a new item in the list and put a new
attachement on it, then that works fine. But the old ones I see as
attachements but I can't open them.

With all that being said, maybe I missed something on how Sharepoint
actually retrieves document data. Does anyone see anything glaringly
wrong in this very long scenario?



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