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Recommended Extranet Configuration

  Asked By: Kara    Date: Feb 08    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1653

We are facing frequent problems, accessing our Sharepoint Portal
Server through Extranet access.

Locally users successfully access using the Machine name ie.,

The Directory security in IIS is as follows:

Default website - Annonymous and Integrated Windows Authentication.
ExchWeb - Annonymous and Integrated Windows Authentication.
SharePoint Portal Server - Integrated Windows Authentication.
Public - Integrated Windows Authentication.
MSOffice - Integrated Windows Authentication.
Virtual directories (workspaces) - Integrated Windows Authentication.

Through Extranet, users access using the FQDN, ie.,

Default website - Basic Authentication
ExchWeb - Basic Authentication
SharePoint Portal Server - Basic Authentication
Public - Basic Authentication
MSOffice - Basic Authentication
Virtual directories (workspaces) - Basic Authentication

The Proxy Configuration is as follows: (It is done, even though there
is NO proxy server!)
In IE, Proxy Settings:
Use a Proxy Server option is CHECKED.
Address: fakeproxy Port:80
Bypass Proxy for local addresses is CHECKED.
In Advanced Tab,
HTTP: fakeproxy Port :80
sps.domainname.com, *domainname.com

In command prompt, proxycfg also shows the same above settings.

The Sharepoint portal server is directly connected to Internet,
through router.
It has a static public ip and a registered FQDN.

In the current setup, when users access the SharePoint through the
Extranet, it pops up domain authentication, upon supplying the
credentials, it takes to the main page.

But, users could not approve / reject any document in the Document
Inspection page, which is possible through Intranet access.
It says,
"An error occured while processing your request. The document could
not be approved because of an error."

(When right click the page, and view source, it shows the
Error Number -2147467259 (0x80004005))

Could any body please suggest a good Extranet Configuration, that



1 Answer Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Jayme Raymond     Answered On: Feb 08

We are still in testing phase and have a very simple system. However,
everything seems to be working ok as far as access  for extranet  users.
I deleted the everyone group in Sharepoint so that all users  had to be
explicitly defined. I didn't want any anonymous browsing. We don't
have a proxy, but we do have a firewall and the Sharepoint server  has an
internal IP address behind the firewall. I configured the firewall to
forward HTTP (port 80) access to the internal address of the Sharepoint
server. An external users goes to HTTP://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (our firewall
address) and the firewall passes them directly to the Sharepoint server
and everything works so far in our testing. Of course, if I had another
web server inside the firewall, I wouldn't be able to do port forwarding
like this because then the other server would be never get any web

I know this is different from your setup, where the Sharepoint server is
outside the firewall, but you wanted to know of working configurations.

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