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Read-only fields in EditForm.aspx for SharePoint 2003

  Asked By: Ray    Date: May 12    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 3725

We have a request to make fields read-only in EditForm.aspx for
SharePoint 2003.

We need to show the label and the value of the column without the input



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Answer #1    Answered By: Alka Sarabhai     Answered On: May 12

There is no easy way to do this using the out of the box tools. Here
are some possible fixes.

1. Create a replacement EditForm.aspx page by removing the
ListView webpart and replacing it with either a DataView webpart or
individual fields. The problem is that a List can only have one
EditForm.aspx page, so this makes those fields  ReadOnly for everyone,
unless you use individual fields and add logic to the form. This also
only secures the EditForm, not the list itself. Using SharePoint
designer I can then create a custom data entry page for the list that
completely bypasses the EditForm.

2. Create custom Field Controls that include Security and use them
in place of the existing Field Controls for the columns that should be
read only. This secures the columns, but it's a lot of work and can't
really be used on built in columns that are already part of the list.

3. Create an Event Receiver on itemModifying event of the list
that checks security and rejects changes if the user makes a change to a
column they aren't authorized to change. This is probably the easiest
and quickest solution, but doesn't display the fields as ReadOnly on the
form. It simply presents and error if the user tries to change the

As you can see, all will work, but all have certain limitations and
issues. Customer selected ReadOnly fields just isn't in the design for
the product.

Answer #2    Answered By: Eashan Nadkarni     Answered On: May 12

I will give #1 a shot. If you think of any other way.

Answer #3    Answered By: William Odom     Answered On: May 12

I know you don't want to hear this, but if you had MOSS, you could create
a private text box as a custom field type.


A roundabout way to do this is to upgrade SPS to MOSS and then use this
custom field type.

Answer #4    Answered By: Mia Scott     Answered On: May 12

I've really got to read the fine print on posts more closely.

Please disregard my previous comments since they apply to SharePoint
2007 rather than SharePoint 2003. Option #1 still applies, you can
modify the Editform.aspx using FrontPage, but you can still only have
one form and it still doesn't lock down the list.

Answer #5    Answered By: Kristian Chaney     Answered On: May 12

Please suggest me how to this is moss 2007.
my rek is also same but i am using moss 2007

Answer #6    Answered By: Alicia Scott     Answered On: May 12

Read my original answer. It was actually for Moss 2007, not SPS 2003
which the caller was asking about. The short answer is there is no easy
way to do this in MOSS 2007 or SPS 2003.

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