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RDL Rendering (500 Internal Server) Error at Sharepoint Integrated Reporting Service

  Asked By: Staci    Date: Oct 16    Category: MOSS    Views: 4277

I have a serious problem that cannot be solved by googling around the keywords below:
sharepoint, moss 2007, reporting service, ssrs 2008, rendering, internal server error, ....

The error is;

"An error occurred during client rendering. The remote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error. "

Everything is O.K.;

* When I render the report from the REPORTSERVER (http://localhost/ReportServer)
* When the reports are scheduled to be sent by the reporting service (planned via MOSS 2007)

But if I open (render) the RDL file from the sharepoint REPORTS LIBRARY interface, all of the reports fail with that internal error message above.

It is weird also that parametrized reports are displayed without errors although the parameters are queried from a sql dataset. But I got the error when rendering the report after I've chosen a parameter and order "apply/report"...

Possible causes how I met that error may be;

After I have installed (then uninstalled) AJAX extensions
After I have re-configured IIS Web Service Extensions list items

Possible solution alternatives I've found;

I've found a solution on MSDN replying a similar issue with an ideal cause of the error but an evreka answer but no solution suggestion from the author.

What the guru says is; "The report is successful in reporting services, but SharePoint never gets and renders the report. You can check your wait times in RS and SharePoint(ASP). When we checked them RS was 9000 and SharePoint was 2000. When we increased the SharePoint, the report rendered."

But how? See detail at



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Answer #1    Answered By: Maegan Ellison     Answered On: Oct 16

Today while i was wrking, i had the same issue.When Anonymous Access was enabled(ISS-> Security) this was happening.When i unchecked the option i am not getting this error.Try disabling anonymous Access if u have enabled it.It would wrk.