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Random Security problems

  Asked By: Theresa    Date: Feb 06    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 949

Anyone having issues? Here are mine (note, these are not referring to
access through the portal, but through Word XP):

On occasion my users will be working away and Sharepoint will lose track of
their security. They are not able to save documents into the SPPS store.
Close Word XP and restart Word XP and everything is fine. NOTE: They do
NOT lose domain rights and never get logged off of the domain, only right to
the SPPS store.....

In an attempt to alleviate this issue, I tried assigning specific right to
directory to a specific user (all of our rights at this point are non
granular, everyone has author rights to everything). When I did so, and
waited the time to allow SPPS to do it's thing, that user could NOT open any
docs in the directory in, this even though he was just assigned author
rights to that directory!

I have "everyone" as author and "domain users" as author, so to eliminate
that redundancy I removed the everyone group....at night mind you......and
left the domain users as author on the workspace(this was in the SPPS admin
program). No one could then access ANY document in the store, UNTIL I gave
the everyone group author rights again, immediately upon doing that
everything was fine even though it took some e time for the process to

Can someone please enlighten me?



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