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Quick Way to create surveys?

  Date: Sep 17    Category: MOSS    Views: 1068

Is there a quicker way to create surveys besides clicking all
those hundreds of clicks through the sharepoint interface? I am using
sharepoint services 2007. Also, is there any way I can use the same question
twice? I want to have sections where the same question is asked in each
section; right now the only thing I can do is to difference the text with some
painful, ugly, manual numbering. Any advice is apprecieated!



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Answer #1    Answered On: Sep 17    

Can you explain more about how and why you want to ask the same question

Answer #2    Answered On: Sep 17    

Well, I am creating a financial survey where each chapel is supposed to report
any outstanding debts. After they fill in their identity information, the form
asks, "Do you have a balance to add?". If they click yes, the the form branches
to a section where they describe the debt information. At then end of that
"balance section", there is a question, "Do you have another balance to add?"
If they click yes, then the form branches to another "balance section" where
they again fill in the details about any outstanding debts. Each "balance
section" asks the exact same questions. The only way I can make it work right
now is my adding "Debt#1:" to all of the first balance section, "Debt#2" to all
the questions in the next balance section.

So I need to create 25 or 30 of these same sections. I wish I didn't have to
enter "Debt#x" in front of each one (it is ugly), and I wish I didn't have to
click through all of sharepoints GUI's navigations just to repeat the sections.
It is painful, and if I am asked to make changes, it is not just one change, but
30 individual changes.

Answer #3    Answered On: Sep 17    

This sort of flow seems much better suited to an InfoPath form with repeating
sections that a survey list...

Answer #4    Answered On: Sep 17    

Infopath - that is a new one on me. BUT - I have just aquired the new Office
2010, and it has infopath. I've never used it before, but I can see that I can
create a form template as a sharepoint list. Interesting... I'll have to do
some studying. I suppose I would just put the file in a document list?

Answer #5    Answered On: Sep 17    

InfoPath forms would require SharePoint Enterprise or each
User would need InfoPath. As I remember you only have Windows SharePoint

Answer #6    Answered On: Sep 17    

Thanks for that! You just saved me probably 5 hours of work - that is how long
it would've taken me to start trying to learn infopath and then discern that all
the users need it too...

Answer #7    Answered On: Sep 17    

In case anyone else is thinking of using InfoPath for this kind of thing, the
other issue to be aware of is that you can't directly promote repeating fields
into columns in the SharePoint document library, which limits their use for
things like reporting. You can do things like have a field in the form which
does a total and promote the total into SharePoint.

Answer #8    Answered On: Sep 17    

Does anyone have any other ideas? Is there nothing I can do in excel or SPD?

Answer #9    Answered On: Sep 17    

Seems like you could do a standard ASP.NET custom form in SPD.

Are there really 30 occurrences of this one question? It almost sounds like
you might be better off creating multiple items in a child list for each
parent item (where the survey is the parent item).

Answer #10    Answered On: Sep 17    

There could be anywhere from 0 to 30 times the question is used. It depends on
how many balances they need to create. That was why I began using the branching
in surveys. If they choose "yes" then they can enter another instance of the
question. If they choose "no" then they go to the very last question and they
are finished.

Answer #11    Answered On: Sep 17    

Well, I guess everyone's all tapped out. I suppose I'll just have to tap myself
out and do it through the GUI... Thanks everyone, for keeping up
with my thread.

Answer #12    Answered On: Sep 17    

I was just reading through your original post...if you want them to fill out a
form for outstanding debt then why not make them fill out a list form? Create a
list that lets them fill out their information (protected by views/audience/[ME]
or whatever) and link them to the NewForm.aspx of that list...?

Answer #13    Answered On: Sep 17    

Yes, I realize that with the repeating section/property promotion thing.
Fortunately all I need is an average and subtotal for the sections!

Answer #14    Answered On: Sep 17    

I have been working with Infopath 2007 for the past year or so. The way I do it
is to create the for in Infopath, then publish it to SharePoint. When you
promote the properties (fields) of the Infopath form and it creates the document
library in the process. Then if I need to do any math on the results I manage
that with SPD workflow.

Answer #15    Answered By: Persian Basik     Answered On: Nov 30

Why bothering with all those unnecessary steps and problems instead of using a specialized tool?
There's a good one called Examinare, which will fix all your tasks in the survey field: https://surveytools.examinare.com/

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